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آنلاین ریلم 3.3.5 کاسپین آنلاین ریلم 3.3.5 کاسپین آنلاین ریلم 3.3.5 کاسپین

Legendary Realm 3.3.5
آنلاین ریلم 3.3.5 کاسپین آنلاین ریلم 3.3.5 کاسپین آنلاین ریلم 3.3.5 کاسپین

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  • We portray honesty

    With the npc added in the caspian zone, you can see other friends compete with the boss of different instances. The programming is very specific and done by Caspian himself at the request of many friends. ArenaSpectator new system will also be added to the Caspian server soon. have a good time

    صداقت را به تصویر می کشیم

    با استفاده از npc که در زون caspian اضافه شده شما میتوانید رقابت دیگر دوستان را با باس های اینستنس های مختلف مشاهده کنید . برنامه نویسی این موضوع کاملا اختصاصی و توسط خود کاسپین طبق درخواست عده زیادی از دوستان انجام شده . همچنین به زودی سیستم جدید ArenaSpectator به سرور کاسپین اضافه خواهد شد . ایام به کام .‬‎

    IceCrownCitadel Instance Reopen

    IceCrownCitadel reopening in normal 10-person mode next week, Friday, June 2, at 15:00, additional news coming soon ...

    Scoring for the Guilds

    Greetings and best wishes to all friends. With the completion of Avent Yoggsaron, the results will be announced as follows. Friends can watch the video of this Avent via the link above. And 1) Gild Burning Absolution 2) Gild Ensidia Prizes were also awarded to these friends. Also on Sunday, April 24, FOS, POS, and HOR Dangeons will be available to friends in Hirovik mode, and additional news about the reopening of the new Instance will be available on the Caspian channel and website soon. Caspian is developing a new system for scoring guilds and plans to award the most valuable cash prizes to the top 5 guilds each month on a monthly basis (the programming system uses great care. Additional news will be available soon)

    Trial of crusader

    hi there.. Trial of crusader will be available in 10-person heroic mode on Friday, December 29th at 3:00pm... hope you enjoy your holidays on your server

    New arena season

    Hi, dear Caspian players. Informs that Caspian Server`s Arena Seasons will finish on Saturday (2019/11/30 ) and The top teams will be determined. And on Tuesday all Arena and Arena points teams will be completely zero. so you will have 2days to use your arena points. We hope that you have some fun times, with the new plans we have for the new Arena season. Be happy and lively

    Trial of champion

    Hello. Dungeon Trial of champion was made available in normal and heroic mode.

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